Case Studies for Industry, Processes, and Technologies

Project Background

A large ILEC/CLEC that provides voice and data services to several hundred thousand customers.

Business Challenge
  • Call centers were supported by a Central Office switch with ACD software providing only limited capabilities and management information
  • Agent desktop application environment was very complex which led to higher than average error rates and handle time
  • Company required a fully integrated contact center technology and desktop solution to enhance the customer experience
Project Approach Within 2 months, in conjunction with the client, we:
  • Developed corporate vision of customer care
  • Conducted a needs assessment
  • Developed high-level technology requirements based on the corporate vision
  • Created a business case for recommendations
  • The project team presented the business case to executives and gained approval
  • In three months, a three person consultant team worked with the client to define requirements, develop RFPs, review vendor presentations, and negotiate contracts
  • The project team worked with the vendor to assist in implementation and acceptance of the new solution through 2 phases.
Business Benefits
  • The client saw increased sales and decreased costs within the first quarter following implementation
  • The client leveraged the improved reporting and customer insight capabilities of the new system to identify repeat caller issues and developed action plans which reduced repeat calling rates by 30%.

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