Mark E. Behrens, President

Mark E. Behrens, President

Mark is a successful business process and technology application architect. Business and technology experience and education enable him to effectively develop and share visions for future solutions across IT and operational lines and from executive levels to line staff. He has an exceptional ability to rapidly synthesize many different inputs and perspectives into creative and workable solutions.

Over 25 years of experience in process and technology integration – bringing together multiple software applications and other technologies to create effective solutions supporting business change – benefit Mark’s current clients. These clients have come to rely on Mark’s solid practical knowledge of the strategic and operational principles of Customer Relationship Management and his extensive experience working with major CRM packages and custom-developed solutions.

Mark’s prior experiences as a Partner and CRM consulting practice lead at Grant Thornton, as a consulting Manager at Deloitte & Touche, and in corporate management in several industries holding positions ranging from project manager to CIO also benefit our clients. Mark earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago after graduating summa cum laude in Accounting from Bradley University. Mark draws on this broad range of professional and educational experiences to be an effective business process improvement guide and process architect in cross-functional BPM/continuous process improvement projects.

Strong communication and consensus-building skills make Mark an accomplished facilitator for executive strategic planning. An award-winning speaker and writer, he has contributed to national publications and spoken at many national conferences on technology and service-related topics.

Mark has been fortunate to have the opportunity to develop trusted advisor and mentor relationships with many of his executive clients and peers over the course of his career. We believe this compliment from one of Mark’s clients is the best summary recommendation for Mark, and for our firm, that we can provide to you: "Working with Mark is what working with a consultant is supposed to be like!"