Voice of the Customer

Project Background

A major health insurance company serving nearly 50 million members with over 24,000 providers and annual revenues of over $2 billion. 400 CSRs in two locations linked as a virtual center. Company regularly ranks among best in class in customer service and employee satisfaction

Business Challenge

Advice sought by management on right number and sizing of call centers. Need to increase scheduling efficiency without negatively affecting agent morale. Required independent assessment of overall call center performance.

Project Approach
  • Two person project team led a six week assessment of the two call center locations
  • Analyzed call center data and metrics
  • Conducted interviews of key personnel from senior management to frontline employees to gain perspective on current operations
  • Assessed technology, quality program, organizational structure, and processes for scheduling and performance assessment
  • Observed agents handling voice and email contacts, and observed supervisors and managers in action
Business Benefits The assessment yielded several key recommendations which included:
  • Changing Organization Structure
  • Revising Quality Program and Coordinating Quality Process between Supervisors and Monitors
  • Redesigning and Replacing Call Center Technology to Better Support Call Routing and Improve Disaster Recovery Capabilities
  • Redesigning Performance Measures and Integrating into Schedule Bid Process
  • Redesigning Performance Reporting System to Reduce Technology Risk

Project Background

A division of a major cable operator serving over 500,000 subscribers in a metropolitan region. The division provides video, high speed internet and digital phone products to both residential and commercial customers

Business Challenge
  • High customer contact rate (over 150%) has led to poor service levels and high abandonment rates
  • Little visibility on why customers are calling
Project Approach
  • Based on an eight week call center assessment engagement, identified need to determine call drivers thus allowing the client to develop action plans to reduce calls
  • Assessment team recommended the use of Speech Analytics to identify call reasons
  • 4 person project worked with client to identify over 20 call categories and subcategories
  • Team built over 400 patterns and tuned the speech recognition engine for use within the geographically region
  • Team developed and deployed custom dashboards and searches highlighting the areas for the executives to address
Business Benefits Expected benefits from the engagement include:
  • Increase awareness of call drivers
  • Outline action plan to address call volume
  • Reduction of contact rate to the corporate average of approximately 70%

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